Children in RomeBe ready for a funny journey trough the Eternal City! About 3000 years of history will be covered!
On these tours the most focus will be on kids and teenagers.
Our tours are funny and educational, when back to home you will have much more than a simply memory, you will know much more than your friends.
So you’ll like to come back again and again and again… you will touch the history, “old stories”, anecdotes and fun stories…
Customized tour to Rome!
No queues at the Vatican, no having to wait in line – private entry times.
Vatican ticket reservations are possible for the Special Early Sistine Chapel tours!
Parents, remember, this are special kids tours!

Time required: consider 3 hours
Kids’ services:
– Mosaic school for families in Rome
– Pizza making and cooking classes in Rome
– Day trip to Ancient Ostia
– Tivoli
– Florence

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