Inhabited since Ancient Roman times and famous for its important monuments, such as the location of an amphitheater (the Circus Flaminius) and several theaters (the Theater of Marcello and the Theater of Balbo).
Rome became the capital of a Catholic religious state while pagan cults had been outlawed in A.D.390, well before the fall of the Roman Empire, the Jewish religion had never been a target of political action and Rome counted a largish Jewish population among its citizens.

Tour stops:
– We will start in Piazza Aracoeli/Monastery of Tor de’ Specchi
– Teatro Marcello – 11th BC
– Temple of Apollo Sosiano – 431 BC
– Foro Olitorio-Ancient Roman Vegetable Market – 7th BC
– Monte Savello
– New Synagogue
– Portico D’Ottavia rebuilt by Augustus in 27 th BC, gelato!
– Ponte Cestio – Trastevere Break for coffee, glass of wine
One of Rome’s most popular neighborhoods for its nightlife and great restaurants, special atmosphere, narrow streets and medieval buildings. It all started up in early Roman times… Let’s discover it!

Time required: 3/4 hours